Remote Hand Analysis Consultation

Remote Hand Analysis Consultation

Your hands will be thoroughly examined (shape, color, marks, lines, and fingerprints) to piece together the individual facets of your life and put them into the framework of your Soul’s Intention for coming here in this life.

Your Soul’s Intention is encoded in your fingerprints. The lines and shape of your hand can change. They represent your personality and development in this lifetime. Your fingerprints NEVER change. Your fingerprints are created the sixteenth week after conception, forming a map of your Soul’s Intention. Your Soul’s intention consists of two components: Life Purpose and Life Lesson. Your Life Purpose is what you have come to do in this lifetime and your Life Lesson is what you need to learn in order to do it.

Through this analysis you will have a clearer understanding of how the events in your life were an integral part of your soul’s development. By giving meaning to these events and circumstances, it is easier to learn from them and grow. This will give more meaning and purpose to your life, providing you with more satisfaction and happiness.

After purchase

  • Send photos of your hands and fingertips to
    The photos should be the highest resolution you can take (natural light, or white light works best), Send one photo of each hand, and one photo of each finger. You just need to take a photo of the top portion of each finger so I can see the fingerprints, Make sure the files are accurately labeled (right index finger, right middle, right ring, right pinky, right hand, left index, etc.).
  • Once I receive your photos I will arrange a Skype call with you for the Hand Analysis Consultation.
  • After the Consultation you will be emailed a report detailing the session.
Please enter sandbox Client ID in the settings.

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