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Amarjit begins this episode with some words about how what is happening in our society is dividing us. He goes on to talk about the importance of uniting through love. Amarjit then gets into today’s main topic, continuing with the idea of love. He talks about seeing inner-beauty, and how this relates to seeing your life purpose. He then reads something that he wrote about his experience finding his life purpose.

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I know a couple expecting their first child – a boy. They’re a caring couple and want to be the best parents they can be. As a result, they listen too closely to all the well-meaning, but inadequate advice thrown at them.

One day the expecting mom asked me, “What do you think would make a good family heirloom?” It turns out that her mother had suggested that she buy her husband an heirloom to pass down to their son. Her mother was an orphan. Like many parents they wish the things for their kids that they wanted, but didn’t get. This suggestion, like most, comes with good intentions. However, people don’t take into consideration that everyone has different needs and desires – a different path in life.

Her mother desired some kind of tangible “thing” to take the place, or represent the love she felt that she was neglected. Now she’s projecting her feelings onto her daughter and future grandson; they will feel the same neglect, if there isn’t some tangible representation of “love.”

This is common. How many people try to express their love through a physical object? In fact, one of the most important relationships, or expressions of love is represented by two objects: a piece of paper (marriage certificate) and a “valuable” stone (diamond). People search for clarity in a diamond like it’s going to magnify the clarity in their love. There exists no physical object that can represent love without lessening it! This includes -the most valuable piece of paper and diamond in the world!

So, with these feelings, how do I respond to this question in a positive way? What object do I suggest? I begin to scan the memories of my childhood. What did my father pass down to me? I don’t think I posses anything older than a few pairs of socks. What do I suggest? A ring? A necklace? How do I suggest something that I don’t use? A watch? Does Timex make one for this purpose? Cufflinks? What if the kid doesn’t wear a suite? Then it came to me!

I never thought about this as a gift given to me, but I don’t know why not. It’s light, takes up no space, and I never forget it with the other stuff that I put aside not to forget, but still do. I don’t know if you can really call it a family heirloom; I’m not sure if my grandfather gave it to my father, and I have given it to people who aren’t in my family. But it was passed down to me from my father.

I will pass it on to you – so you can pass it on to your children, or whoever you would like. Don’t worry at what age you should trust them with this valuable gem. They won’t take it to a pawn shop to get a cash advance – to feed a drug habit, to buy beer for a college party, or to just feed their empty stomach as they struggle to make their way in the world.

If you’re smart, you will plant the seed in others and allow them the fruits of this unlimited gift. You can’t trade it… you can’t sell it, or pawn it… ..but it will bring rewards that are impossible to quantify, calculate, measure, weight and hold.

I think I was about ten years old and my father and I were sitting at the counter of a pizzeria enjoying a couple of slices. It was here, in between bites of pizza that I received the heirloom, the gift. My father turned to me and casually, but purposefully said, “There’s one thing that is beautiful in every person, you just have to look for it.” Even at ten years old I knew my father well enough to know that there had to be some motivation behind this comment. So, as most of the cheese came off the slice of pizza in one bite, I looked around, but couldn’t find a beautiful girl in site like I had expected.

I took a moment to reflect as I tried to chew all the cheese without burning the roof of my mouth. It seemed logical. Why wouldn’t everyone be born with one gift, one purpose in life to fulfill? And why couldn’t some people see it? If some people can see ghost – why couldn’t others see living people’s gift, or life-purpose?

After years of research, I learned that it’s true; every person has one beautiful and special thing about them. Some let it shine, making it easy to notice. While others, still haven’t discovered the gem inside them to give it a good polishing for the world to see. Beautiful and special don’t mean physical looks, but if you train your eye you can see the physical manifestation of this inner beauty, or special gift that my father was talking about.

Nearly forty-years later it is as tangible as a watch, ring, necklace, or cufflinks to me. Searching for a person’s life-purpose, or inner-beauty is second nature for me. It is like the relationship between a sculptor and his hands, a carpenter and his hammer, a painter and his paintbrush. It is a writer’s vision – my vision, my tools, my art – my life’s purpose.

What a gift to see this! What an heirloom! I give it to everyone because it can’t be possessed. It can only be used. If I knew what a big gift I was receiving at the time, I may have pulled some of the cheese out of my mouth so I could digest both things easier.

This has been the greatest gift I have ever received. It has moved everywhere with me. I never had to pack it in a box marked fragile… never had to insure it… ..or even lock it up… ..and it has always been with me. I’ve never scratched, cracked, chipped, scuffed, marked, dented, or blemished this gift. I’ve had it in the worst parts of town… at all night parties, dance clubs, desert parties, Mardi Gras, and even have been surfing in the ocean with it. And it has only shined brighter over time.

Another great thing about this heirloom is it is adjustable; It adjust to fit you! It’s like a ring that changes size as your finger grows; A frame that adjust to the picture.

As I was consuming this idea and my pizza, my father irritatingly, said with a mouth full of half chewed pizza “I can’t eat next to this smelly guy grab your slice and we’ll eat outside.” Like I said, this kind of gift you can adjust the frame to center the part of the picture you like. So I grabbed what was left of my slice and the heirloom and we left.

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