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Amarjit talks about how to view and define your path. He explains how your path relates to self-realization. He also clears up a common misunderstanding of the spiritual path.  While discussing how to recognize and understand the subtle within, he shares a couple stories about interviewing for jobs while he was in graduate school working on his MBA. Amarjit then answers a listener question – how do you deal with fear and insecurity? His advice includes both mental and physical ways to overcome these habit patterns. He gives yoga postures which can be found on the podcast website in the show notes, and on the Facebook group.

Everyone is on the same path. This idea that you are on a spiritual path while others are not is ego. We are spiritual beings having a human experience through the mind/body vehicle. We are all on the spiritual path. Some are just more conscious of it!

3 things to remember about your journey.

  1. Happiness is not the path. Happiness is temporary. Whenever you place your goal on something that changes, you will suffer. The byproduct of yoga and self-realization is happiness, but this is not the goal. The path is self-awareness. When you learn how to accept all happiness will encompass more of your life, allowing you to even enjoy the difficult times.
  2. It’s about self expression. Self-expression is the path to self-realization. Your purpose in life is to find the most complete way to express yourself. As you move toward this expression, difficulties will arise hindering this expression. As you remove this resistance, the truth within will be revealed.
  3. Don’t let the unknown prevent you from trying. Don’t be afraid to let go to what you have to find something new. Not knowing where your path will take you is the magic of life, don’t let it be the thing that holds you back!
  4. Don’t put comfort and economics above experience. There is no backwards or forwards, only experiences.

For dealing with Fear and insecurity it is important to work the first and third chakra. 

Fear and Insecurity are just thoughts that you react to. You observe something through one of the senses and it creates a thought of fear and/or insecurity. This thought creates a feeling, then you react to the feeling. It’s okay to have the feeling, but don’t react to it! Observe it. What is the feeling causing you to do, or not do? This is your habit pattern. Break it by not reacting. Use your will to go against this habit pattern so that you break the attachment to this thought, feeling, and the behavior that it creates.

Below are 2 yoga sets to help you deal with fear and will. 

The first chakra, Muladhara is about your will to live and physical energy. It is about self-preservation. When it is not operating properly there is a lack of energy, feeling of not belonging, inability to relax, and fear. When it is functioning properly you feel safe, grounded, and have physical vitality.

kundalini kriya for 1st chakra (ep #3)

The third chakra, Manipura is about your ability to use and transform energy. Its psychological function is the will. When it is malfunctioning you have digestive troubles, chronic fatigue, hypertension, and the lack of ability to focus your will. When it is operating properly you have flexibility, self-confidence, and you are able to focus your will.

kundalini yoga for 3rd chakra (ep #3)

Homework for this episode

Which form of expression makes you feel the most complete? Look at your life to find the way that you feel best expressing yourself in all aspects of your life; from childhood to all your jobs. What is the commonality in the way you express yourself. Are you in an environment to express yourself completely now? If not, what needs to be changed to make this happen?

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