Hosted by
Amarjit Singh

Amarjit presents an introduction to the theme and format of the podcast. He explains what it means to live your potential, and what true freedom is. While discussing the framework of the show he clarifies a common question – what is yoga psychology?  He then describes the process of how it will be used in the podcast to help liberate you from the habit patterns that are holding you back from achieving your potential. Amarjit then answers a listener question: What is anger?

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1) Be aware of your body when you get angry. Observe the breath, heartbeat, etc.

2) Don’t react! Just observe.

3) Pay attention to what you get angry about.

4) What experience is your anger “protecting” you from which makes you feel victimized?

5) How does this fear of being a victim, or hurt relate to other experiences from your past?

6) What things make you the angriest?

7) How do you normally respond?

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