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Amarjit continues his talk from the last episode introducing the next part – your life lesson. He begins the discussion talking about how your life purpose and life lesson are related. He also talks about how your life purpose and life lesson are the foundation for every experience in your life. Each experience is designed to help you fulfill your life purpose and learn your life lesson. He then discusses how if you are not working on your life lesson, your life purpose will not flourish. In the second part of the discussion he lays out possible life purpose and life lesson qualities for the listener to take an inventory to see which ones they relate to so they can determine their own life purpose and life lesson (the complete list of these qualities can be found in the show notes on the podcast website).

Learning your life lesson

As you progress down the path of your purpose you will be forced to acknowledge and correct the negative patterns in your life that are holding you back. Otherwise, your spiritual development will be limited. Understanding the relationship between your life purpose and lesson is imperative to gain a full understanding of your experience.

Our lives are a compilation of patterns. Often we are confused by many of them; we see them popping up in different aspects of our life and have difficulty fully grasping the cause and effect of them. The challenge in understanding the patterns is that they appear to come from all different directions. However, if we could figure out where the starting point is for all our patterns they would be easier to understand.

Your life purpose and life lesson are the starting points for all your patterns. Consciously and unconsciously you create an environment to fulfill your purpose and learn your lesson. The more conscious you are of this process the better equipped you are to understand and change your patterns of living to be in alignment with your soul’s intention. When you examine ALL patterns from the perspective of your purpose and lesson they are easy to understand.

If our most-developed qualities make up our purpose in this lifetime, we can say that our least-developed qualities are our lesson. Your life lesson is the greatest resistance in your life. It is the theme that holds you back from achieving your purpose. These are the things you need to learn in order to excel in your purpose. You can think of them as opposite sides of the same coin. You can’t have one without the other; they work together to create the whole. Simply put, your purpose is what you are here to do, and your lesson is what you need to learn in order to do it.

Your human experience is an aid to your spiritual development through the mind/body vehicle. With this view we can focus on our soul as experienced in its journey. Every soul that has entered this human realm has done so with intention. This intention is to discover who you are and your relationship to God. To achieve your soul’s intention, you must peel back the layers to reveal your essence.

These layers are patterns caused by your karma. They are your Samskaras, deep impressions left on your unconscious mind. Karma comes from the Sanskrit root Kri, which means to do. Karma is action; more specifically it means effect of action. Everything that you have ever thought, spoken, done or caused is karma. This totality of your actions and their corresponding reactions in this lifetime and past lifetimes is how you got to where you are now. Karma operating through the law of cause and effect, action and reaction, is what governs all life and binds the atman (the Self) to the wheel of saṃsāra (birth and death).


Possible Life Purpose Qualities 

The Doer:
Tangible Results, Worldly Success

A person with the life purpose of The Doer is someone who is able to achieve tangible results. This means that when you put your effort behind an idea, you have the ability to follow through and complete what you started: you are able to take an idea and turn it into reality. You can see the way through the process.

Create Family/Community: Family and/or community ties without selling-out

Family is important for most people, but those with this as their life purpose have a more intense relationship with the results of their interactions; whether positive or negative. With this life purpose developing a positive family or community consciousness is a source of strength. In this context, family can refer to your blood family or it could also mean your community.

The Leader: Power, Authority, Influence

A person with the life purpose of The Leader is someone who has the capacity to show others the way. A leader is able to focus their internal power in a particular fashion to influence. This quality can be exhibited in a number of different ways. A person can lead by being an authority on a particular subject; People look to the expert to take direction. Also, a person can lead through influencing others. This can manifest by living a particular lifestyle, exhibiting particular characteristics, etcetera.

Live My Passion:
Personal Power, Stand My Ground

A person with Live My Passion as their life purpose has a strong sense of personal power. They are able to stand their ground in the face of adversity. Your focus is on doing what you really want to be doing with your life. Mastering your life purpose means that you know what you want and have the courage to obtain it. You are true to your goals, ideals, and values. You are emotionally independent, have defined boundaries, and clear communications.

Business Person, Integrity, Money

Responsibility, integrity, and accountability are all key attributes for this life purpose. You have an innate sense of duty to see things are done accordingly. Integrity is important for someone with this life purpose as they feel a moral obligation to act right. You tend to be good with money whether you have a lot or a little. As a result of these qualities, people with this life purpose are naturally good at business.

The Mentor/Teacher: Personal Integrity

A person with the Mentor/Teacher life purpose has a strong sense of personal integrity.  With this life purpose it is your challenge to operate at the highest levels of integrity in both your professional and personal life, creating a desire in others to emulate your behavior. This life purpose requires a high level of personal growth. As a result, the Mentor usually manifests later in life, although, there are probably signs of this gift throughout your entire life.

Creativity/The Artist: Individualism

People with creativity as their life purpose are in tune with the creative flow of energy within. They are able to envision things in a particular manner and express them creatively. Creativity can be expressed in an unlimited number of ways. It doesn’t have to be exhibited in the traditional ways.

The Innovator: Self Approval, True to my craft

A person with the Innovator as their life purpose is someone that is true to themselves. You stick to your own way of doing things regardless of the attitudes and comments of others.  You enjoy finding new ways of doing things. No one is going to influence them through pressure. You are able to remain confident when others doubt you. You need enjoy doing things your own way. You don’t like wasting your time doing something if someone else can do it. You will only do it if you can find your own way. You like to be original. You are always searching for a different way of doing things, and are not influenced by what others think. You will find your own way.

Communication: A message to deliver

You are someone who has a high capacity to communicate and express ideas. You feel innately driven to express yourself and be heard. People with communication as their life purpose feel an internal need to deliver a message in the form of – ideas, beliefs, causes, counseling, teaching, interpretations, perspectives, analysis, etcetera.

The Healer: Insightful/Inspirational Communications

With this life purpose your greatest fulfillment comes when you see your insightful communications helping others. The key for you is to maintain a connection to your inner knowledge despite external circumstances, and transmitting this message in some form.  The Healer is able to inspire through some form of communications (it doesn’t necessarily have to be verbal). The type of healer and types of communications are numerous. A healer can heal and inspire through words, or touch. How you heal is not important. The qualities you express are what inspires others and heals them. You need to listen to that internal voice that allows you to connect with yourself and others – this is where your power resonates from.

Possible Life Lesson Qualities

Breaking the Cycle of Incompletion: Incompletion, Frustration, Failed Results

A person with this life lesson is challenged to maintain awareness regarding producing results in the world. They need to learn to break the cycle of failure, and find their own measure of success in life.

People with this life purpose are challenged by – completing what they start: incomplete efforts yield insufficient outcomes, waiting for something to happen: success takes consistent work, blaming others for failures: we create our own luck through hard work and perseverance.

Family or Community Issues: Family and/or community ties out of sync

With this as your life lesson, you need to learn how to create appropriate family and community connections. The main issue you need to evaluate is if your relationship with family, friends, and community is healthy. You need to establish what is healthy and positive. Many people with this lesson ignore, or don’t see the signs of unhealthy relationships. Do you get something positive from the relationship, or are you constantly sacrificing for the needs of others at your own expense?

Reclaiming your Power: Powerlessness (Personal Power), Overwhelmed, Helpless

Your Life Lesson consists of reclaiming your personal power. You have difficulty finding and having confidence in your capacity to harness your internal power. Once these feelings persist it becomes difficult for you to take action, to create. Then you feel overwhelmed by external forces. However, these feelings grew from inside you. You project them onto the external world, but they are part of your internal experience.

Living Your Passion (Blocked Passion): protecting your boundaries, preventing violation, not going numb

Your challenge is to protect your boundaries and reclaim your passion or you face the possibility of falling into the violation trap – the ongoing systematic disregard of your wants, desires, needs, or rights.

Learning to be responsible: Irresponsibility, Money Issues

This life lesson challenges a person to be responsible in all aspects of life. You need to be conscious of the consequences of your actions. Don’t make excuses for being irresponsible.

Guilt Issues: Lost Self-Worth

Your Life Lesson is to build self-esteem that is independent of your circumstances. Your self-worth is what is going to hold you back from fulfilling your Life Purpose. In life we achieve the level of success we feel we deserve. Your external experience is just a projection of your internal experience. We get the jobs, relationships, etcetera that we feel we deserve. This happens consciously and unconsciously. The way to overcome these self-imposed obstacles is to believe that you deserve better. It is easy to convince your conscious mind that you deserve better, but it is much more challenging to convince your unconscious. You have to truly feel it.

Becoming the person you really are: Hiding Out, Apathy, Creative Blocks, Fear of not belonging

With this life lesson you are challenged by a fear of rejection, ridicule, and embarrassment. You may suffer from an overwhelming fear of not belonging; like you don’t fit in. The result of these fears may cause you to “hide out, not allowing your true self to emerge. You need to learn how to celebrate your uniqueness, allowing your creativity to shine.

Dealing with fear of disapproval: Fear Issues, Paralyzing fear of rejection

With this life lesson, dealing with disapproval is your most difficult challenge. Getting and staying on your path is hard when rejection is a real (or perceived) threat.  Fear comes from a lack of confidence and low self-esteem. People with this life lesson deal with it through avoidance or trying too hard.


True Communications: Mute, Difficulty speaking out for oneself

Your challenge is to be clear in your communications, speaking up for yourself, and asking for what you want in life.

People with this life lesson tend to become mute: having difficulty speaking up for themselves, not promoting their own plans, and withdrawing if they don’t immediately get their way.

Intimacy Issues: Surrender (especially in relationships), Trust

With this as your life lesson, your challenge is to surrender to and clearly speak your inner truth and in so doing break a pattern of relationship difficulties (love relationships primarily, but other relationships as well). How much to say and when is a challenge for you. You may be too mistrustful, especially in relationship matters. Or, you may ignore your inner voice when it warns you that someone should not be trusted. With this life lesson, errors of inner and outer communication are likely and often take one or more of these three forms: manipulation, abandonment and codependency.

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